284 backers have brought INQVISITOR to life.Thank you!

We haven’t said thank you so many times in our lives, but there’s not much more to say than that. Thank you everybody for making our project come true, and for supporting two people that came out from nowhere asking for money ­čśë

Let┬┤s elebrate it by preparing a campfire!

Have a great time, enjoy, eat, drink and try to make the most of your holidays, because this may be the last opportunity to do so. The INQVISITOR is coming to ask a couple of questions to you all!!!

The INQVISITOR is here!

INQVISITOR game cover.
INQVISITOR game cover.

We wont to announce you that the INQVISITOR campaign at kickstarter has already started.

IQVISITOR is an thilling game where de players have to survive the wrath of the inquisitor, determined to eradicate the blasphemy at the village.

Will you be able to prove your innocence and scape from being burnt to ashes?

Find more information at our kickstarter campaign.